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Make technology come to life

Visual Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics

About openSTEM

If you love learning about new technology, you’re in the right place.

At openSTEM, there’s nothing we like more than exploring the latest technologies and sharing this passion with our online community and in the openSTEM Academy.

We make technology come to life through experiential learning. Amongst other things, this means you will learn how to make robots do really cool stuff.

What will you learn?

Visual Programming

Create stories, games, and learn
how to programme robots using
visual programming.


Artificial Intelligence

Real-life applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) including facial recognition and autonomous vehicles.



Use your Visual Programming and AI skills to make robots do really cool stuff.


Visual Programming

Once upon a time, “no code” and “low code” were things of the future, this is no longer the case, because visual programming is now here, and here to stay. We teach you how to create stories and games and how to programme robots using visual programming.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the most exciting area in technology right now. We teach you real-life application of AI including facial recognition, self-driving cars and machine learning.


Robotics is at the very pinnacle of technology and gives you the opportunity to put your visual programming and artificial intelligence skills to the test. We teach you how to make robots do cool really cool stuff.!

openSTEM Network

If you love learning about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and you’re happy to share your knowledge with other enthusiasts, please come and join us in the openSTEM Network.

The community is now focussing on Visual Programming, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

Why Join us?

  1. Exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else
  2. Step-by-step examples of AI and Automation
  3. Meet others who share your interest
  4. Swap stories, experiences, and ideas

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openSTEM Academy

openSTEM Academy specialises in the delivery of e-learning for visual programming, artificial intelligence and robotics.
We offer training for enthusiasts of all ages from beginner to advanced levels.

Our unique methodology uses a combination of:

1. Micro Learning

Micro learning utilises small learning units (bitesize
chunks) designed for skill-based understanding.

2. Social Learning

Learning with others creates a better engagement
experience and facilitates higher information

3. Experiential Learning

Project based learning enables you to learn as you
create – and share your experiences with fellow

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What will your child learn?



Get your self started by diving in the world of electronics and get an hands-on-learning of the electronics components.



Learn how to code games, make animation and write scripts to control robots from Scratch.


Make your first robot, or make other endless robots follow your commands using evive Starter Kit.



Become a DIY-er by working on tons of projects that awaits in the store for you.



Get your self updated with the latest technology using the evive IoT Kit and get your own automated systems ready.


Artificial Intelligence

Enhance your skills and make your the world a better place using PictoBlox.


3D Printing

Learn 3D printing from all the way to unboxing your 3D printer, to setting up the printer, from designing your structure to printing it.


Robotic Arm

Get an hands-on-experience on industrial robots by assembling, programming and controlling with the 5DoF Robotic Arm Kit.


Humanoid Robot

Learning to make and control the
Humanoid Robot will be the
coolest thing you have ever learnt.

Our Online Courses

Artificial Intelligence & Games
(7+ Years)


Artificial Intelligence for Kids
(10+ Years)

Introduction to Programming
(7+ Years)

Programming for Kids

Introduction to Programming
(10+ Years)


Technology Partners

Agilo Research Ltd STEMpedia is an industry leader in the research and development of educationally focused software and hardware. Together we partner in the delivery of key technology and e-learning for STEM enthusiasts.

The Dabble App

Wirelessly control robots, voice command home appliances – all through your own smart phone.


A leading-edge platform to master the fundamentals of Visual Programming and Artificial Intelligence.


State of the art robotics and learning kits at affordable prices.


The latest e-learning in Visual Programming, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

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